Every patient is individual and has his own history. In our practice, we offer western and eastern approaches to tread the mind and the body, because we believe that psychological and psychosomatic diseases can be addressed in different ways. 
Emotional processes always find an expression in physical reactions and are subject to constant change. An immediate perception and trust in our emotions can help satisfy the basic human needs for connection, control, self-esteem and joy. The demands of our environment can lead to pathological stress and emotion processing patterns that can favour and maintain psychological and somatic illnesses. As a result, our basic needs are neglected and our wellbeing is affected. 
In the context of a therapeutic treatment, the development of an illness can be clarified and biographic events can be addressed in order to sharpen our awareness of pathological processing patterns and to pave the way for problem solving. According to Chinese Medicine, emotions can affect the body and vice versa, physical disharmonies can influence the mind. We therefore also offer body therapies to treat psychosomatic illnesses and to activate the body’s self-healing powers. Every new emotion and every physical symptom has something to tell us. Whether you are interested in psychotherapy or body therapies like acupuncture, shiatsu or craniosacral touch therapy - we are here to listen, to interpret the signs and to offer a treatment tailored to our clients’ needs. 

Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

In the course of a psychotherapeutic process, therapy is tailored to the dysfunctional patterns of behavior and stress are discussed after clarification of the current stress situations and formulation of the therapeutic goal. Cognitive behavioral therapy emotions-focused, mindfulness-based and schematherapeutic elements are used. This is intended to restore access to the basic needs and our emotions, which is accompanied by an improvement of the symptoms, an increase in self-esteem and wellbeing.
In addition to the psychotherapeutic building blocks, the inclusion of body-oriented therapy forms as a useful supplement can be considered and combined.


Thin needles have been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine to cure or prevent illnesses. To get a complete picture of each patient, the acupuncturist asks detailed questions, takes the pulse and looks at the tongue. The treatment is specifically tailored to each patient’s needs and is carried out by placing fine needles to stimulate specific acupuncture points. This helps to regulate the vital energy Qi and activates the body’s selfhealing power – health and wellbeing are promoted in a natural way. Acupuncture is well known for its beneficial effects in the treatment of many diseases, but is also used in addition to western medicine or as a preventive method to promote health and vitality. 


Biodynamic Craniosacral Touch

With roots in osteopathy, pioneers in this field came to experience how the body finds it's relationship to health through stillness. BCT it's a healing modality that takes your body out of the sympathetic state into the parasympathetic state. By holding the body in a very gentle and respectful way, it begins to release patterns of tension and trauma that hinder the expression of vitality.  By resting fully clothed on a treatment table, a craniosacral therapists holds you with 'listening hands' to differentiate between fluid patterns held in the body.
It is a deeply relaxing and soothing method where tingling, pressure release and body realignments on a fluid and energetic level might be felt.


It's an ancient Japanese manual therapy that uses the thumbs, fingers and palms to give gentle pressure on the meridians. Meridians are energetic pathways that run through the entire body and are related to how the organs function. 
By mobilizing joints and limbs through specific stretches, the free flow of vital life energy (chi) is enabled. This allows the body’s self-healing ability to be reactivated. A traditional Shiatsu treatment is given on a 'futon' (Japanese mattress) and the receiver wears comfortable light clothing.
Shiatsu therapy is used to relieve a variety of problems including back pain, neck and shoulder problems, stress, insomnia, digestive problems, and fatigue. From the Western point of view, Shiatsu works directly to calm the autonomic nervous system, which has the effect of calming nervous distress and increasing resistance to stress. It is believed that Shiatsu can also strengthen the immune system. Regular and consistent Shiatsu treatments can become an important aspect of preventive health care as well as treatment for existing symptoms.

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